Recommended Websites

Name                                                           Description

Hanni Frieda – (Johanna) She’s incredibly artistic, opinionated and awesome. If you love art, and nature etc, read this blog, you won’t regret it.

Banana Bomb – (Rosie) An entertaining blog, where this person comments on the daily babble- like me, I’d say. It’s awesome, you know? You don’t find that everyday.

The Mind of Tanitha – (Tanitha) An incredibly well written blog, great ideas and concept. It’s really entertaining too. She’s got her own opinion and sticks by it, which I find amazing. Amazing stories and poems. Do read.

The Land of Boosh – (Maddie) I genuinely adore this blog. She’s just started out, but so far I’ve loved every one of her posts. They are so detailed, and what I love the best is that they make you think. It’s not everyday you find that.

South African Nutter – (Janet) My twin sister’s blog. Basically a random site about everyday banter, ideas and more. Check it out!

My Blog – (Kate) This is my best friends blog. It’s my favourite blog in the world, and I really think you should read it. It’s amazing.

Mohammed’s ourWorld blog – If you play ourWorld, check this blog out.

Ask in the comments if you wish for me to view your blog. It might even be added here!

  1. Spelling/gramar error? That’s a great way to publisize my blog!

    • LOL! I only like to express my opinion, and people like to know the truth. But it’s obviously amazing, so it doesn’t really matter.<3

  2. Love it all ❤ Amazing blog 😀

  3. why am i not up there 😦

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