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Just a ‘Thing’.

She was always restrained.

She couldn’t speak, move, sing.

At the age of ten she was restricted, isolated.

But now it is different.

She is not going to be alone anymore.

She is going to change herself and her motivation.

She is going to live her life.

Not anyone elses.

She is going to break free.

Be a runaway.

Enter a world of soft, harsh imagination.

Use her thoughts for love or for hate.

Draw and paint and sketch.

Use her body to the fullest of full.

Change the way she is forever.

No-one can tell her otherwise.

I have too many birthday posts already, but this is a very, very important one.

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain, frontman of Nirvana who died at the age of 27. He would’ve been 45 today.

Nirvana were a band that inspired millions, changed people’s lives; for the better. I wanted to take the time out to thank Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic for creating such weird and wonderful music.

RIP Kurt Cobain; may your legacy of great imagination live on and change the lives of this earth forever.

If Life Was Surreal

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My attempt at Plug in Baby

As always, there will be mistakes. This is my attempt at “Plug in Baby” by Muse, rated one of the best riffs of all time. I thought I’d give it a go and try and get some feedback for it which would be, as my friend says,  muy appreciated!

My cover of the beginning riff:

The original song:

Since I got a new camera charger…

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It’s a great thing to have, yet something we don’t all have it. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m incredibly lazy. But recently I have become more and more determined, in one thing. In my guitar. I’m determined to play well. Some say you need to be a natural at it to be in a successful band, and I know that I’m not a natural in anything. You can work this out by “Gifted and Talented” courses given out to “gifted” people in schools. I never got one. I felt like pure, utter shit. Was I really that useless?

I probably was. But watching videos, a maximum of two hours guitar practice a day; it’s all heading forwards. Not backwards, not any-more. I have no idea what to do with my life, especially because I took subjects at school which I hate. When exams are over, I’ll be flying ahead in my musically bizarre world, away from anyone that can hurt me. I will be one of those people who were known for being musically gifted, not academically gifted. I’ll show my school(s) that they were wrong. Hopefully, I can put an end to Gifted and Talented, because many more than just me felt like they were putting their education to waste knowing that they weren’t on these courses. You know what they were? They were hell. Not for the people selected, but for the people who weren’t.

For all of you  out there who genuinely wants to make good of themselves; congratulations. I salute you from every way possible.

So Far Away

How do I live, without the ones I love? My thoughts wondered. This moment was so unreal, that I could not accept that it had happened. It hadn’t happened. And yet it had.

Her body lay there, next to the car. Her circular face was perfect, straight curves and pale skin. She looked so peaceful.

I crawled to her on my knees, my skin scraping against the hard concrete. I touched her face. Her skin felt so smooth, so untouched. I wiped the cracked glass from her face and looked her in those golden brown eyes. Those eyes in which I knew so well, now snatched from me and stolen. Something I could never get back.

“Kaya” I said simply, my voice trembling. There was no reply. “Kaya, please talk to me.” The silence that followed was haunting. My whole world spun, I could hear my blood rushing through me. Her skin was as cold as mine.

“Kaya, I love you” The words tumbled from my mouth. “Kaya, please, you can’t leave me,” Words were leaving my mouth fast now, it was uncontrollable. I had to tell her how I felt. “Kaya, you’re beautiful. You’re amazing, you’re funny and warm and kind, you’re clever and athletic and talented; you’re everything I could want. Please Kaya, don’t be so godamn selfish!” Tears I held back now sprawled across my cheeks, I let them fall. The world was nothing without her.

I screamed at her, shouted and yelled, all the words I felt. The bad words I said, the good words, they all followed, one after the other. Forever awaiting a reply, yet never receiving.

I stayed next to her until I felt a hard grasp on my shoulders, forcing me backwards. They let go of me, and watched me fall, until my head reached the stone floor. My head crashed violently against it, making me feel dizzy. But I got up, running straight for Kaya; and that’s when I heard it.

At first I stopped, the back of my mind realising a loud sound had occurred. I turned around, and saw everyone was watching me, not chasing, but watching. I found it considerably harder to walk, but stumbled to her, and collapsed lying next to her.

Then the pain arrived.

It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t like what I had seen in movies, it was calmer. It wasn’t agonisingly painful, what was worse was knowing I failed my task; protecting Kaya. It was like a needle prick, but deeper and more consistent.

I brushed the hair out of her face, and looked at her. With a last breath, I whispered one thing.

“I’m sorry.”

It’s funny how a single piece of metal can end a life. It’s funny how it ended mine.

Editing #2

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages.