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Hello Wembley!

She closed her eyes. She could hear the roar of the crowd, like a wave crashing on rocks. They clapped in a sort of symphony, mimicking each other and laughing when they got it wrong. They screamed her name, again and again, desperately calling for her.

She stood poised, and raised her arms above her head, bringing them tumbling down against her sides. The wind it created gave her peace of mind.

Her heart rattled in her ribcage, threatening to burst. She could hear the blood pulsing through her body, a dull, repetitive sound that sounded ugly to her. She wished it would stop.

Then she opened her eyes. People were rushing around, checking the amplifiers and guitars. Lights flashed green and red on the dashboard; and then it was time.

“It’s time!” Her band-mate called. Collecting her thoughts, she began to walk. Stiff movements that eventually became a steady motion, each band member walking in turn behind her. They turned through the corridors, as rehearsed. The walk seemed long, although it was only brief in her lost reality.

Then they reached the final door. The man at the door checked her microphone, and nodded, quickly adding “You’re good to go,”. They tumbled out the door, and the crowd went crazy.

“Heeee-llo, Wembley!” She roared.


– Please note, this was both inspired on Janet’s poem (see recommended pages) and Muse.


Exogenesis is a 13 minute in total orchestrated piece of music by my favourite band, Muse. I restrain myself from calling this piece a song, because it is more than that. “

I wrote this post whilst listening to the songs in order, non-stop. I had to write quickly and in time, and if there are any mistakes, do tell!

Part One; Overture

It starts with a floating, gentle violin sound, with a soft drumming in the background. The violin leads the song, for me, through waves. It’s like the song is climbing to its hight. And eventually it reaches the top, the violins change pitch and form, and begin an entirely new concept. The drumming increases, until, Matt Bellamy’s falsetto voice kicks in in a simple, beautiful melody. Eventually, we are led through the waves, and we reach the point where we jump off the height we have reached, and we’re falling. A simple, synth guitar and effects, all the time the violin is leading us through, and then you’re falling, through the clouds, until you stop. The ending is quite abrupt, like a shock.

Part Two; Cross-Pollination

It begins with a simple, beautiful piano melody, and a quiet echoing of violin. This part is the quieter part, like whoever is listening is waiting for something to happen, and we’re unsure. “The edge of all our fears”, this dramatic lyric is added and until “we are counting on you, it’s up to you”. It feels like people are depending on you, and then kicks in with an explosive synth guitar, a constant drumming beat and “we know you can never return!”. This describes life so precisely, so densely, yet in one sentence. And eventually, Matt stops singing, and continues his piano melody, a distinctive, beautiful piece which you find yourself humming along to, unintentionally. It all goes quiet, and feels like everything has gone dark.

Part Three; Redemption

Part three begins, with yet another simple piano form. Changing pitches and creating a calm atmosphere. When you hear this piece, you drift off into another dimension; Muse’s dimension, filled with beauty and sanity, where everything is good. Not perfect, but good. It makes you sigh, and dream that these places exist and can be real. The violin begins, slow, and in eased bars, it seems like the “temperature is rising”. The music becomes faster, and faster until we reach our height, accompanied by measured drumming, and Matt’s voice seems to make your heart ache, asking the question we all want to know “Why can’t we start it all over, again?”.  A constant statement, yet so inspirational. “We’ll get it right, it’s our last chance, to forgive ourselves”. This is almost like humanity has lost, and want forgiveness. It’s their last chance, and if they don’t change now, it will all be too late. Once this is over, the piano becomes the main feeling in this song, playing the floating melody we all come to love. It ends, and we are left with silence. A pure, golden silence only to be treasured.

[“Exogenesis: Symphony”] is influenced by RachmaninovRichard StraussChopin and Pink Floyd. It looks at the concept of ‘panspermia‘. It is a story of humanity coming to an end and everyone pinning their hopes on a group of astronauts who go out to explore space and spread humanity to another planet. Part 1 is a jaded acceptance that civilization will end. Part 2 is a desperate hope that sending the astronauts to find and populate other planets will be successful alongside the recognition that this is the last hope. Finally, Part 3 is when the astronauts realize that it is just one big cycle, and recognize that unless humanity can change it will happen all over again.

Just thought I’d say this.

I worship Muse more than anything.


I’ve had two replies from Dominic Howard and Matthew Bellamy! So, so happy!

I asked Dom: “How’s the album coming along?!”

I asked Matt: “Will you be playing in Teignmouth again?! I’d love to see a show there!”


I have got to tell you about this incredible band called Canterbury. They’re not from there, by the way.

They’re amazing. They’re music is so, unique and unexplainable. It’s got its own theme, it’s not like any other bands music.

I apologise for those who are not allowed YouTube. But for those of you who are, make sure you listen to this. It’s pure gold.

Generation X

“Quick, quick! You might miss the speech!” Voices all around. Voices chattering, tumbling, falling nervously. Voices uneven, voices unheard. Voices now spoken.

I grabbed my gown, a seafoam colour with dark blue polka dots, and pulled it over my trembling shoulders.

Our feet were bare, our heads shaven clean. We were not human; we did not have human features. Nor did we have human personalities.

We are not human.

A strict line was formed leading towards our door. We lined up in alphabetical order, me being Xandra 100, was last. Xandra 99 stood in front of me, her shoulders poised and her feet pointed together.

We do not have human features.

My cheeks were flushed with nerves, I could feel the beating of my heart forcing its way forward, trying to break through my ribcage.

We do not have human personalities.

It was only a matter of time before we will leave. I need to compose myself. Life is good. Life is fair. But our lives are not lives.

The door opened, and instinctively we stepped forward, Xandra 1 heading confidently out the door.

We walked in stiff movements.

Left, right, left, right.

Our arms swayed consecutively against our sides. My feet slapped the floor, creating an echo along the corridor. The corridor with a hundred doors. The corridor with gleaming white floor tiles, the corridor with cameras from every direction, watching your every move. This was life as we knew it.

Finally, we reached the end of the hall, the door closing shut behind us. We were the last group, and in order, we lined up, under the watchful eyes of our keepers.

It was all quiet. Our eyes were faced forward, focused on the stage.

The lights were dimmed.

I heard the footsteps, and then he was there. Our keeper.

“Welcome, all, to our annual gathering. You are Generation X; and you will change the world.”








… To be continued…?

Just want to…

Just want to recommend you guys a blog. My friend Maddie has recently given in to the magnetic pull of wordpress, with some genuinely brilliant posts.

Do visit.

 This is me right now. Ok.


Julia is from a book called 1984. She is my favourite character, because…

She’s strong willed. As soon as I read about her, I liked her. She’s strong and brave, and is nothing like the average woman. She is clever and witty, and as soon as you read about her, you feel a weird feeling of safety slash insecurity around her. She’s the kind of person you can trust, but who you would not want to be on the wrong side with.

The fact that, in 1984, everything is run by Big Brother who controls everybody, she is a fighter. She doesn’t agree with the “government” and she fools them. She fooled them for a while into believing that she was with them. Big Brother can never take that away, but they’d keep it a secret, because they were weak and she was strong.

I love her  maturness, but then again she isn’t mature at all. She still seems like a child and you wouldn’t expect a 30 so year old to behave in that way.

I admire her because she was a freedom fighter, a person who would stand up for her rights even if her life was at risk.