What do you think? Do they exist?

For me, personally, I don’t think those stereotypical looking aliens exist. Not in this universe, anyway, but I do believe that there is life. Such as bacteria. Because on some planets, there is water. They have sunlight. How can there not be life?

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  1. I totally agree, or course there are other life forms and us minute earthlings are constantly stuck in a view that if there are aliens they must want to invade earth.

    • Exactly. I hate how one person goes, “There is evidence of life on other planets!” and the immediate response is “OMG THEY’RE GONNA COME KILL US!”. Like seriously, grow up. ;’]

  2. That’s an ugly little thing. But I dunno, I think I saw a UFO once :’) Because ya know how airplane lights blink, and they usually make lots of noise? Well one night I saw something in the sky. It was just moving like an airplane, across the sky, except it couldn’t of been an airplane because the light wasn’t blinking and it made no noise. So yeah I still dunno what it was. But I was so creeped out. My parents didn’t believe/knowledge what I said when I told them. D: But yeah I don’t think aliens look like that if there even IS a such thing. There MIGHT be life on the other planets, but if there was, wouldn’t NASA have caught evidence by now? I.e A little green person thing walking around?! Seriously.

    • I don’t know. I guess that Space is just so vast, it would take years for NASA to even find evidence of an actual civilisation! It took them years to find water on Mars, so maybe? Maybe.
      And your UFO, I’m not sure. :’]

  3. I saw a UFO. It was a white light, very bright, and it didn’t leave a tail (so it wasn’t a shooting star), it didn’t flash or flicker and it moved faster than an aroplane. It flew from east to west then disapeared. Ask Hanni, she was there too.

  4. Helen, that alien picture is starting to creep me out. D: It’s just staring at me with it’s beady eyes.

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