Quick update.

Haven’t posted on this blog in what feels like decades. Because of this, I’ve started a new blog which will probably be a ‘diary’ type thing, just me talking about what’s going on.

If you’re interested, click here.

Basically, I saw Muse. I stood within a metre’s radius of them. Let me explain…

I heard through sources that they might’ve been running through Teignmouth (their home town) with the Olympic Torch, so, with further investigation, I found out it was true. I organised the trip with a few of my friends, and we all piled into our Mini Cooper and drove down to Teignmouth, bright and early on Sunday morning. We were incredibly hyper, scared, anxious, nervous. The whole mix. It was a lovely day as well.

I could go on to the bit where we stayed around the whole day, but I’ll skip that out and move on to where we met them.

We were standing on the bridge, with hundreds, maybe thousands of people stood, expecting. My mum was on the other end (it turned out, that was the best place to be because people physically met them and stuff), and we were on the far end. A few buses passed us, and finally, my camera in front of me, I caught a glimpse of perfection (I actually saw Dom’s face first, and as I was filming I lost all ability to hold my camera up). Muse, shining in their white and gold Olympic outfits, all three of them. Matt wore matching gold and white trainers, and his signature Oakley sunglasses. Dom wore a surfers necklace and trainers, whilst Chris went causal with trainers and a fresh shave.

We screamed, and they looked at us. Dom turned and saw me, and grinned those pearly whites. Matt took a look at all five of us and smiled and pointed.

After they passed, we followed them through the crowd, my whole body was shaking so much and I kept repeating the words “oh my god” because I couldn’t believe that, one metre in front of me, were the legends themselves.

It was the best day of my life, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Muse, in their home town, for the Olympic torch relay. And we got to see them. Who’d have thought?

This was them looking at us:


Liebster Blog Award, Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog Award

 First of all I’d like to say thanks! I didn’t think my blog was worthy enough for these awards, but I’m honoured.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to Kaja, the author of anomnom, Tanitha, author of  The Mind Of Tanitha and Rosie, author of Banana Bomb for nominating me!

These are my nominees:

1. Rosie – Her photos are incredible, her literature imaginative.

2. Tanitha – Her stories/poetry are absolutely amazing, her talent is bewildering.

3. Kate – Her blog is so insightful, creates a completely different view on everything.

4. Kaja – An amazing blog on reviews, very sophisticated and cool!

And now, as of tradition…

1. I once played in Roald Dahl’s garden and met his current wife.

2. My dream is to be in a successful band.

3. I’m usually quite shy, but inside I am incredibly opinionated.

4. I think Einstein was more than just a mathematician, he was right about everything.

5. My favourite band is Muse, but that’s hardly surprising.

Introducing… FiN

Don’t you love discovering new bands? That amazing feeling when you find a song you’ve never heard before, by a band you’ve never heard before, and you can listen to it over and over again without interruption? 

I can relate to this with a new band called FiN. They’re a four piece band, but I don’t really know a lot about them apart from the fact that their music is brilliant. 

I recommend giving them a listen, they’ll be big one day, I know it.

Nicki Minaj dissected (not literally, unfortunately).

 Firstly, sorry for my lack of posting, for that I can only apologise.

Secondly, I’m going to do a different post today. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the female rapper ‘Nicki Minaj’, and her inspirational, motivational music. 

I’m joking, of course. I’m going to dissect ‘Stupid Hoe’, one of her most popular songs. What a lovely name!


“I get it crackin like a bad back
Bitch talkin she the queen, when she looking like a lab rat
I’m Angelina, you Jennifer
C’mon bitch, you see where Brad at

I can only assume this is about Brad Pitt cheating on Jennifer Anniston with Angelina Jolie. Oh so basically we’re the ones being cheated on, that’s saying something.

Ice my wrist’s and I piss on bitches
You can suck my diz-nik, if you take this jizz-ez
You don’t like them disses, give my ass some kisses
Yeah they know what this is, givin this the business

She adds an ‘s’ to the end of wrists to make it rhyme with ‘bitches’. How imaginative!

I’m not quite sure what to think of  “diz-nik”, is that some slang word for a straw?

Cause I pull up and I’m stuntin’ but I aint a stuntman
Yes I’m rockin’ Jordan but I aint a jumpman
Bitches play the back cause they know I’m the front man
Put me on the dollar cause Im who they trusting
Ayo SB, whats the f-cks good?

She isn’t a stuntman. 

She isn’t a jumpman.

She’s the front man! Oh that makes it a lot clearer.

“What the f-cks good?” Certainly not you, Nicki, you lyrical genius.

We ship platinum, them bitches are shipping wood
Them nappy headed hoes but my kitchen good
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
a bitch woooooooooooooooooould

I think this is talking about world poverty, but I don’t think she’s knowledgeable to know a lot about world trade. Does she even know what platinum is?

Is anybody else imagining babies with nappies on their heads running around Nicki’s platinum kitchen?

She wishes a bitch would… would what, Nicki? Write a decent song? Oh, me too.

You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (x3)
You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
(stupid, stupid)

I think she’s saying someone’s a stupid hoe.

Look bubbles go back to your habitat
MJ gone and I aint having that
How you gon’ be the stunt double to the nigga monkey
Top of that I’m in the Phantom looking hella chonky

Is she talking about Bubbles from the Powerpuff girls? Isn’t that a bit racist?

 This is the best bit, had anyone ever heard what a ‘nigga monkey’ was before Nicki appeared on the scene? 

If she’s saying she’s looking ‘hella chonky’, I hope that means a disgrace to the music industry! 

Ice my wrist’s and I piss on bitches
You can suck my diz-nik, if you take this jizz-ez
You don’t like them disses, give my ass some kisses
Yeah they know what this is, givin this the business

Lovely altered bridge here.

Cause I pull up in that Porsche but I aint a Rossi
Pretty bitches can only get in my posse
My name is Roman, last name is Zolanski
But no relation to Roman Polanski

She’s in a Porsche, she’s not a Rossi guys!

So now she has a ‘posse’, and only the pretty bitches can join. I’m afraid you’re halfway there Nicki.

I thought her last name was Minaj? Oh, well I’ll call you Zolanski from now on.

Well you’re obviously not related to ‘Roman Polanski’ if you have a different surname my dear.

Hey yo, baby bop, f-ck you and your EP
Who’s gassin’ this hoe? BP?
Hmm thinks, 1,2,3, do the Nicki Minaj blink
Cause these hoes so busted

Baby bop. This has to be the first time anyone has used that in a song. 

Zolanski has her own blink!

This makes no sense.

Hoes is so crusty, these bitches is my sons
And I don’t want custody
hoes so busted
Hoes is so crusty, these bitches is my sons
And I don’t want custody

Her hoes are crusty, what sad times these are.

If you cute than your crew can roll
If you sexy eat my Koo-Koo-Roo
Put ya cape on, you a super hoe
2012, Im at the superbowl

“Waiter, can I have a Koo-Koo-Roo please?”

Stupid hoes is my enemy
stupid hoes is so wack
Stupid hoe shoulda befriended me
Then she coulda prolly came back!

“Stupid hoes is my enemy” You can’t be an enemy with yourself, Zolanski. 

Stupid hoes is my enemy
stupid hoes is so wack
Stupid hoe shoulda befriended me
Then she coulda prolly came back!

You’re a stupid hoe
You’re a stupid hoe

F-ck you stupid hoe
I said f-ck a stupid hoe,
F-ck a stupid hoe
I said f-ck a stupid hoe,
F-ck a stupid hoe

I am the female Weezy!”

Is anybody else really wondering why Zolanski is accepted into society?

Tell me what you think the lyrics mean in the comments.

You Me At Six

Last Wednesday, I went to see a band called ‘You Me At Six’, with support acts ‘Kids In Glass Houses’, ‘Mayday Parade’ and ‘The Skints’.

It was absolutely incredible. Me and three of my friends arrived at the venue, wanting to get to the front of the queue, but this massive guard came and told us to get to the back of the line. We tried making up excuses, because they wouldn’t believe that our other friends were already at the front. So, in vain, we joined the back behind a very gothic looking girl, with tonnes of silver piercings and ripped black clothing. We waited for about fifteen minutes before heading in, running in front of everyone in a desperate attempt to get in quickly. My two friends were stopped to get their bags checked, so me and my other friend slipped through and ran in.

There was at least 250 people there overall. We managed to get a very good place, I was a couple of rows from the front, and my other friends got to the barrier. The Skints eventually came on, who are a reggae rock band. We met the pianist, and the guitarist/vocalist at the end. 

After their set, Mayday Parade came on and the crowd went wild. They were amazing, and such lovely people, and we met Derrick at the end.

Eventually, one of my favourite bands arrived on stage, Kids In Glass Houses. They were absolutely brilliant, singing ‘Animals’ second, which is one of my favourite songs. People were moshing and having an amazing time.

We met Aled Phillips, lead vocalist.

Their set was pretty amazing too.

At last, You Me At Six came on, with a great bass/guitar intro to ‘Loverboy’. The lights flashed on at the beginning verse, bright white and blue lights from every direction. You could feel the bass rippling in your stomach, rattling your bones. Max, the guitarist took a big gulp of water and spat it at the crowd, some of which landed on my mouth!

You Me At Six’s set was 18 songs all in all, and every song was great. The crowd sang along to every song, clapping, jumping, screaming from the top of their lungs.

Afterwards, we stumbled out of the complex all covered in sweat and with closing eyes. It was the best gig I’ve been to, and I definitely recommend seeing You Me At Six if you get the chance.

These were some of the songs I filmed:

Smells Like Teen Spirit, my cover.

My first cover of a song, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Feedback is much appreciated!

What’s Going On?

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages, I’ve been pretty busy with school. Not homework, don’t worry I don’t do that.

I’ll post an interesting post soon, but for now you’ll have to live your lives without me. It’ll be fine, don’t you fret.


Just a ‘Thing’.

She was always restrained.

She couldn’t speak, move, sing.

At the age of ten she was restricted, isolated.

But now it is different.

She is not going to be alone anymore.

She is going to change herself and her motivation.

She is going to live her life.

Not anyone elses.

She is going to break free.

Be a runaway.

Enter a world of soft, harsh imagination.

Use her thoughts for love or for hate.

Draw and paint and sketch.

Use her body to the fullest of full.

Change the way she is forever.

No-one can tell her otherwise.